Property owners and Managers 

we take your Rental units from Just moved out to Ready to Rent in a short time

  • Evaluate

 we perform walk through inspections of premises and make detailed reports of any damage or ware that requires attention and its severity.                                                                  ( available with option of picture documentation )

  •  Time Line

 Sometimes things are based on a time factor as much as cost... such as when units are spoken for and need to be in functioning order in a set time. We understand these situations and work hard to accommodate these needs.


  • Estimate

 we break our estimates into groups " Need " which are things needed to be repaired " Recommend " which are things suggested to be addressed and " Offer " which are things we can do to spruce things up.                              Giving you pricing options based on need and want.

  • Revitalize

  Installing modern fixtures, paint, flooring etc... interests good tenants as well as improving property value, Bringing your older spaces up to Par with newer spaces.